Vision, Mission and Objectives

Historical View

The establishment of the Laser Institute for Research and Applications (LIRA) at Beni-Suef University was studied in 2013 as one of the most important research institutes in the University's research city, based on the importance of laser and its effective role in various fields, as well as the important role expected to be played in the next 100 years. The construction of LIRA began in 2015. In 2016 began the first postgraduate diploma at the LIRA and it has now become one of the University's most important research city castles.


Our vision is to be an important source in Egypt and the globe to prepare highly qualified specialists in the use of a laser in various specializations such as medicine, engineering, basic science, and agriculture, to meet the needs of society.


Our mission is to achieve regional and international pioneering in postgraduate education and research in the field of laser science development and its applications in various community services. Also, we seek to prepare a highly qualified trained staff from specialized researchers through academic programs "diploma, M.Sc. and Ph.D." in various laser applications.

Strategic objectives of the Institute

  • Provide distinguished education based on scientific bases in line with what's new in the field of laser.

  • Serve our students through building their character as researchers by teaching them the skills and the procedures of applied scientific research according to international standards as well as teaching them the commitment to scientific efficiency and ethics.

  • Participate in the prosperity of the society through research projects by presenting research and counseling services that help in solving problems and in developing society.

  • Seeking to reinforce international collaboration with a variety of international institutions and centers that will have a major effect on placing Egypt on the worldwide map of laser studies and its applications.

  • Arranging joint science degrees between the LIRA at Beni-Suef University and comparable global universities.