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LIRA Weekly Journal Club Invitation

Date : 12 Jan 2024

LIRA Weekly Journal Club Invitation

Concert Honoring

Date : 11 Jan 2024

Institute Council meeting

Date : 11 Jan 2024

Suef University was held today at ten o’clock in the morning on Thursday, January 11, 2024

A visit to the institute

Date : 8 Jan 2024

Today, the family of the Laser Institute of research and applications received Dr. Ahmed Zakaria

About Institute

The aim of this institute is to create specialized and highly skilled laser personnel. The Institute is unique in the Middle East and is very different from other institutes in the region due to the great difference in objectives, objectives and field of study. Regional and international levels in the field of post-university education, and seeks to qualify specialized researchers through academic programs in the high diplomas, master's and doctoral degrees in order to contribute to the prosperity of society, and gives the Institute Diploma of laser and master's and doctoral degrees. It aims to serve the society of the Upper Egypt in general and Beni-Suef in particular in laser science and its applications in all medical, engineering, environmental, biological and scientific fields through the provision of research and advisory services that help in solving problems and developing the society and seeking to strengthen international cooperation with a number of centers and institutes Which will lead to the provision of a distinguished graduate of the knowledge, professional and skilled qualified to the local and global labor market, noting that the laser is the basis of many scientific measurements and research programs and safe applications of laser

The decision of Beni-Suef University on December 29, 2015, approved the establishment of the Institute in the research city of the university

Cabinet Resolution No. 2405 of 2016 was issued to add the Institute of Laser Research and Applications within the faculties and institutes of Beni-Suef University

The approval of the Supreme Council of Universities was issued on October 26, 2017

Ministerial Decree No. 5865 dated 6 December 2017 concerning the issuance of the internal regulations of the Institute was issued and the study began from the academic year 2017 - 2018 in the credit hours system

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